Why pictures?
Chapter One: Why social pictures? With Nathan Jurgenson
Hello! Can you hear me?
I open my mouth

I open my mouth. I let my lower lip relax and drop. I relax my jaw, my cheeks. I close my eyes. I turn my eyeballs toward the back of my skull. I feel ripples all the way from my tailbone to the back of my head. My body is all in motion. I feel it from the base of my feet to the root of my tongue. My tongue droops, my hands reach out, opening my body, zooming in and negotiating space. I allow my eyelids to open. I see and feel through my skin. By way of my tongue, it emerges from my mouth. I feel a vibration down my body.

Today, our epidermis, the mask we wear, and the air we breathe, have become the new established boundaries. By revisiting the basic choreography of the mouth and the physiology of the female body, I mediate historical gestures, questioning the violation of bodily boundaries, the kinetic and the tangible in the image. My body is frozen in gesture, between one bodily movement and another.

Credits 1

  • 1: Costume: Joanna Hawrot in collaboration with Rafał Domink, Photo: Karolina Zajączkowska